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Our Management Services
Whether you are opening a new or needing oversight of an existing post-acute program, MileStone has the proven experience and resources to assist you. Our post-acute management services apply to New Units, Clinical Services, Existing Units, Marketing, Operations and Reimbursement & Financial Resources.

New Unit

When adding new beds or converting existing beds, MileStone provides implementation strategies customized to your organization. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from determining bed size based on internal and external demand studies to interfacing with departments for hospital-wide service line coordination. Implementation resources include customized policies and procedures, staffing models, medical record templates and team orientation. MileStone offers the tools, education and support needed for a successful launch.

Clinical Services

Focusing on patient care services is the foundation in delivering a healthcare product in any setting. Understanding the relationship between clinical service provision and resulting outcomes is critical for healthcare professionals today. MileStone delivers clinical insight and perspective using a variety of audit tools and educational resources geared toward successful outcomes. Effective documentation strategies and advanced clinical practices instill confidence in team members while ensuring superior patient outcomes.

Existing Unit

Maintaining a well-run operation requires a specialized team with dedicated tools and staff. Regulatory change creates additional challenges for optimizing overall performance. Success can only be achieved with a highly trained leadership team including the Medical Director. MileStone engages with existing units to provide them the resources and expertise for improved and sustained positive outcomes both clinically and financially.


Ensuring market share and demonstrating value are components of an effective marketing strategy. MileStone evaluates referral patterns, referral resource development and promotional collateral to identify potential improvements. Patient satisfaction results offer further insight into an organization’s reputation and community need. MileStone’s marketing education and sales training provide customized approaches to achieve optimal status within the healthcare market.


The quality and effectiveness of routine operations is essential to patient care. MileStone provides a comprehensive perspective on operations including programmatic offerings, adherence to regulatory standards, patient volumes, personnel effectiveness, performance measures and review of analyses. Mentoring and education result in practical remedies for leadership striving for success at every level of the organization.

Reimbursement and Financial Resources

The MileStone team maintains current knowledge of an ever-changing regulatory environment. Equipped with proven tools for internal / external demand and pro forma projections, MileStone can identify root causes of an ailing operation. We can also assist with preparation materials and strategies for bundling and/or ACOs. Financial analysis and projections provide perspective and potential in a quantifiable manner.

Consulting Services

MileStone has developed a consulting branch for hospitals with existing post-acute programs experiencing diminished operational and financial results because of changing regulations, increased competition and a variety of other industry challenges. HealthRoute Consulting provides a clear course for direction as well as the necessary resources and training to arrive at the desired location. 

Free Assessment

We can help you assess the feasibility of opening a new program or improving an existing one. For more information and to contact one of our Development representatives click here.